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Invitation to Silk Road International Symposium for Distinguished Young ScholarsFourth TermShaanxi University of Chinese Medicine Parallel Session 


. Introduction


Shaanxi Fourth Term Silk Road International Symposium for Distinguished Young Scholars (SRIS) is a symposium for distinguished young scholars held byShaanxi Provincial Party Committee Organization DepartmentandShaanxi Provincial Office of Human Resources and Social Security. Under the guidance of “the strategy of reinvigorating China through human resource development” and the idea of “gatheringtalents with outstanding abilities from all over the world and making full use of them” raised by President Xi Jinping, SRIS, on a firm basis ofregarding talents as the primary resource, stands on the practical demands of Shaanxi in building an innovative province, attracts young talents from all over the world to Shaanxi andtobring innovation and start up business so as to provide human resource support for the building and development of the Silk Road Economic Belt.The theme of the this forum centers onDeveloping the three economies through extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits. Theforum includes the provincial forum and several other parallel forums,and the forum held byShaanxi University of Chinese Medicine is aparallelsession ofSilk Road International Symposium for Distinguished Young ScholarsFourth Term.


Theparallel session of Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine isgoing to be held in Xian-Xianyang New District from Sept. 4th to 8th , with the aim of gathering talents with outstanding abilities from all over the world especially along the silk road countries to seek common development of traditional Chinese medicine.It engages distinguished young scholars in the academic discussion and communication of some hot and forefront issues in the field of Chinese medicine to promote inter-disciplinarity and academic innovation, enhance academic cooperation and mutual trust, deepen attendees’ understanding of Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine, and attract more outstanding talents to achieve successful career in our university. Promoting the spread of traditional Chinese medicine culture to the world also is included in the theme of this forum.


. Areas and Disciplines Involved



1.Traditional ChineseMedicine (basic -oriented)

Mainly working on the teaching and scientific research of the subjects of Basic Theory of Chinese Medicine, Formulas of ChineseMedicine,Doctrine of Epidemic Febrile Disease, Diagnostics of Chinese Medicine, etc.



2.Traditional ChineseMedicine (clinical-oriented)

Possessing certain TCM clinical experience, mainly working on the clinical practice, teaching, and scientific research ofTCM InternalMedicine,TCM Surgery, TCMOrthopedics, TCMGynecology, TCMPediatrics, etc. 



3.Acupuncture and Tuina

Possessing certain TCM clinical experience of acupuncture and Tuina, mainly on the clinical practice, teaching, and scientific research of acupuncture, Tuina and clinicalrecovery, etc.



4.Chinese Herbology

Mainly working on the teaching and scientific research ofChineseMedicinePharmacology,Traditional ChineseMedicineChemistry,Pharmacognosy, ChineseMedicineIdentification, etc.



5.Medicine (clinical-oriented)

Possessing certainclinical experience, mainlyworkingon clinical practice, teaching, and scientific research.



6.Medicine (basic knowledge-oriented)

Mainlyworkingontheteaching and scientific research of basic medical specialties, including pathology, physiology, anatomy, histology,embryology and immunology, etc.



7.Biology and Science of Life

Distinguished young scholars will mainly work on the teaching and scientific research of biology and biological chemistry.



8.Pharmacology and Chemistry

Mainly working on the teaching and scientific research ofChemistryPharmacologyEngineering,Pharmacology,ClinicalPharmacology,OrganicChemistry and InorganicChemistry.


III.Requirements for Applicants


1. Applicants should hold a PhD degree.


2. The applicants should demonstrate outstanding academic accomplishments in a given field as well as make peer prominence and earn recognition in the scholarly community.


3. Applicants should have potential of academic leadership with a broad academic vision and innovative thinking.


4. Applicants should be dedicated to research,abide bylawand professional ethics.




Applicantsmay visit the talent recruting website ofShaanxi University of Chinese Medicinehttp://zp.sntcm.edu.cn/, download and fill out the application form forShaanxi University of Chinese Medicine Silk Road International Symposium for Distinguished Young Scholars, and send the application form together with your CV by Email to the conference team:zyxyzzb006@163.com.The theme of the email should be “SRIS+ Name+ Major”. The attached CV (in Chinese or English) should include basic personal information( name, gender, date of birth, Email address, country or region, work or study unit, etc), research field, and academic achievements (including a list of publications), and other information that the applicant considers necessary.


Application Deadline:Aug. 28th, 2019. The organization committee will check the information of the applicants and send official invitation to those are qualified.


    . Schedule


Sept.4: All-day  Registration;


AM, Sept.5: Attending the opening ceremony of the main session of Shaanxi Province Silk Road International Symposium for Distinguished Young Scholars (Fourth Term)


PM, Sept.5: Attending the parallel session ofShaanxi University of Chinese Medicine Silk Road International Symposium for Distinguished Young Scholars (Fourth Term)


Sept.6 to 8: Visiting the campus and supporting  facilities for talents. Attending academic seminars in different academic areas, academic investigation and talent recruitment conference, visiting laboratories, etc.


Sept.8: Ending and departure.


We will update the specific activity schedule and arrangement, please keep your attention.


    .Other Important Information



1.This forum is free of charge.Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine will reimburse the eligible young scholars for the travel and transportation expense(air ticket:economy class; CRH: second class) incurred for the symposium in China and overseas and arrange free accommodation and transport services to the airport and railway station.

2.Invited young scholars are encouraged to prepare academic reports in advance according to the research focus and progress.


. Contact Information







Contact Office: Talents Working Office, Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine.

Person to contact: An Rong and Liu Junjie

Telephone: +86-29-38183879,+86-29-38185308



Address: Middle-section of Xixian Road XiXian New District, ShaanXi Province, China.


.What We Offer







1. The treatment ofAcademician from theChinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering or those with equivalent honors is negotiable.

2. Those who have been selected as a high-level talent in the National Thousand Talents Program will be offered an apartment, 600 thousand RMB as settling-in allowance, 5million RMB as research funding, and an annual salary including basic salary, performance pay, talent allowance (800 thousand RMB) and research performance bonus.

3. Those who have been included in the New Century Talents Project or other similar projects will be offered an apartment, 400 thousand RMB as settling-in allowance, 3 million RMB as research funding, and an annual salary including basic salary, performance pay, talent allowance (500 thousand RMB) and research performance bonus.

4. Those who have been included in the Provincial Talents Program or other similar programs will be offered an apartment, 300 thousand RMB as settling-in allowance, 1 million RMB as research funding, and an annual salary including basic salary, performance pay, talent allowance (200 thousand RMB) and research performance bonus.

5. Outstanding talents with a PHD degree will be offered an apartment, 200 thousand RMB as settling-in allowance, 200 thousand RMB as research funding, and an annual salary including basic salary, performance pay, and research performance bonus.

6. Other talents with a PHD degree will be offered 200 thousand RMB as settling-in allowance, 100 thousand RMB as house-renting allowance, 100 thousand RMB as research funding, and an annual salary including basic salary, performance pay, and research performance bonus.


IX. Introuduction ofShaanxi University of Chinese Medicine                   


Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine, the former Northwestern Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Training School established in 1952 in Xi’an before being upgraded to Shaanxi College of TCM in 1959, was one of the first batch of units granted by the Academic Degrees Committee of the Sate Council in 1981 to confer the Master degree of TCM. It was also included in the first batch of universities approved by Ministry of Education in 1990 to receive overseas students and students from Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan. In 2015, the university changed its name into Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine.In 2019, it has been promoted as a key university.Afterover60 years of development, Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine has become a professional medical university with higher Chinese Medicine specialty as its main body, with medicine, science, engineering, arts, management and other multidisciplinary subjects supporting each other. It owns more than 5000 faculties and staffs, including "National Grand Master of TCM", experts of national high-level personnel special supporting plan, experts with special government allowance, renowned teachers of higher education of Chinese Medicine in China, “Sanqin scholar”, experts with outstanding contribution in Shaanxi province, mentors of national and provincial TCM academic experience inheritance project, renowned teachers of Shaanxi province,  provincial physician masters, talents of Shaanxi Provincial Thousand Talents Program and Special Supporting Program,etc.


The university owns 17 Key Subjects of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2 First-class disciplines in Shaanxi Province, 6 Advanced Subjects, 15 Key Subjects of Shaanxi Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Besides, it has established an integrated innovative system for medical research including 1 Postdoctoral Research Station for traditional Chinese medicine, integrative medicine, traditional Chinese pharmacology, clinical medicine, 2 Postdoctoral Innovation Bases, National Drug Clinical Trial Institute, National Chinese Medicine Standard Research and Promotion Base, National Chinese Medicine Industry Technology System Comprehensive Test Station, National Chinese Herbal Medicine Seed and Seedling Breeding Base, 3 National Third-level Laboratory for Traditional Chinese Medicine Research, 5 Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory, 4 Shaanxi Engineering Technology Research Center, 3 Shaanxi Provincial Clinical Research Center and Sub-center, 2 Shaanxi Provincial Key Research Lab, 13 Shaanxi Provincial Second-level Research Lab of Traditional Chinese Medicine and International Joint Research Center for Prevention and Control of Immune and Inflammation related Diseases with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shaanxi Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Resource Industrialization Collaborative Innovation Center, Shaanxi Innovative Drug Research Center, Shaanxi Provincial Key Research Base of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Shaanxi ProvincialDouble Tutor System Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Xianyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Technology Development Research Institute, Academician workstation, Research Institute for National Master of Chinese Medicine, Integrated Medical Research Institute and other research platforms.

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